Facial Services

Facial Services

All Must Wear A Face Mask Before Entering.
(If you do not, one will be provided for $1)

                              Owner has right to deny anyone services.                    

                 Please arrive 15 minutes to complete all intake forms.

We are using a mask at all times.

We ask you reframe from talking during once the service begins.

Upon entering we ask you immediately wash your hands.

Avoid touching surfaces

If your not feeling your best or have come in contact with anyone with COVID-19 Please  Call & Rebook Your Appointment.

  Please do touch any skincare  jars on display. 

No Full Body Massage

OR complete these forms & bring with you:
Consultation Form & COVID Liability Waiver

Using Our Prescribed Products Along With Regular Services Rewards You With Exceptional Results!

Tuesday - Saturday

To Book an Appointment Send Text or Voicemail to (817) 658-3649

Mini Facial (1 hour) $60
Buy 6 Get 2 FREE $360 Save $120
1-Cleanse 2-Tone 3-Scrub 4-Massage 5-Serum 6-Moisturize 7-SPF

Signature Facial (2 hours) $80
Buy 6 Get 2 FREE $480 Save $160
1-Double Cleanse 2-Tone 3-Exfoliate Microderm, Scrub or Light Peel 4-Open Pores, Galvanic, Extractions 5-Massage 6-Mask 7-Nourish & Hydrate 8-Moisturize 9- SPF

Non-Surgical Facelift (90 min) $110 
Buy 6 Get 2 Free $110 x 6 = $660 SAVE $220
1-Cleanse 2-Tone 3-Scrub 4-Massage 5-Micro-current 6-Nourish 7-Moisturize 8-SPF

Bee Venom Facial (2 hours) $120
Buy 6 Get 2 FREE $720 Save $240
Exclusive care designed to meet your skins needs. This all-inclusive package is everything your skin desires and then some.

Oxygeno Facial (2 hours) $120
Buy 6 Get 2 FREE $680 Save $200
Signature Facial Plus Oxygeno Exfoliating Oxygen Treatment, Photon Light Therapy Massage, RF Radio Frequency Collagen Booster.

Hydra-Facial (2 Hours) $110 Add Treatment Serums $15 Each                      Buy 6 Get 2 FREE $660 Save $220                                                                    Signature Facial Plus Hydra-Facial fully Customized Meeting Your Needs. Hydra-Facial is like getting nourished, deep cleaned, hydrated, and exfoliated in one technology. For astonishing results that meet your expectations Hydra-Facial with all the trimmings!

Jet Peel Facial (2 Hours) $110 Plus Corrective Serums $15-$30 Each            Buy 5 Get 2 FREE $660 Corrective Serums Paid Separately                              Signature Facial Plus Jet Peel Fully Customized Meeting Your Needs                Jet Peel is not only packed with electrolyte minerals for deep hydration, oxygenating and saline to kill bacteria. The micro air and solution droplets under high pressure blast off stained dead skin cells with ease, and deep clean pores. Leaving skin firm, smooth and tone. Add one or two corrective Nano-Micro Droplet  corrective formula's and we can accomplish your needs in half the time. Our inventory of serums are Made In USA FREE of Parabens & Carcinogens like all our products. We carry a full line of corrective formula's that brighten, reverse acne, exfoliate, regenerate, plump, firm, tighten. Ask about our Hair Rejuvenation, Stretch Marks, Cellulite Treatments we can add to your facial. 

Customized Peel Up To 2 Layers (2 hour) $120 Additional Layer $30 
Buy 6 Get 2 FREE $680 Save $240
Designed to correct all global skin types with minimal down time. We recommend a package of peels to correct skin conditions. The best time of the year to correct the skin using peels is when temperatures are below 85*. The secret is in the product, your skin, and skill of the Esthetician. Friction and heat increase sensitivity so no massage if your sensitized, only one steam towel. Sensitive skins are permitted. Correcting PIH Post Inflammatory Pigmentation, Acne, Shave Bump, Aging, Scaring, Enlarged Pores, Aging, Skin Tone Balance, and Overall Health of the Skin. 
1-Cleanse 2-Tone 3-Peel Prep 4-Customized Peel 5-Neutralize 6-Calm 7-Mask 8-Nourish 9-Moisturize 10-SPF


  • Diamond Microdermabrasion On Mini Facial $10
  • High Frequency Treatment $10
  • Galvanic Treatment & Extractions $15
  • Hydro-Facial $30
  • o2 Jet Peel $30 Plus $15 to $30 Per Corrective Serum Each 
  • Photon Light Therapy $15
  • RF Facial Toning $15
  • Electrolysis Skin Spot Remover or Skin Tags $15-$30 Each
  • Peel Layers $20 Up To #3 Layers
  • Microcurrent Mini Lift 15 Minutes $30
  • Body Services 
  • No Body Waxing Available / No Full Body Massage



  • All Clients maintaining monthly visits receive their 12th Visit FREE 2HR Signature Facial
  • All Clients sending 3 referrals or purchasing 3 gift certificates get 1 FREE Signature Facial
  • All Clients Purchasing 6 Visits Get 2 FREE on any of our amazing services
  • Must Do One Visit Minimum Per Month to Get 2 FREE
  • If you miss your minimum one per month you lose your free visits. Customers are asked to communicate interruptions in their treatment plan, do to travel, or family to avoid loss of FREE Visits. 
  • 24 Hour Cancellation Notice Required, Repeated Cancellations Is Unacceptable. No Call No Show  $40 Next Visit.
  • Skincare is not a refundable Item, I will do an exchange a product not working well with your skin, once we agree on another suitable replacement.