Bee Beauty Secrets Product Info & Care

Product Info

Our products are designed to help prevent and protect you and your family all day from COVID-19, the Flu, Colds, Bacteria, and Environmental Contaminants. Feel confident and place our Sanifect Body Cleanser at every cleansing area in your home!

beebeauty SECRETS

Many are raving about the results from our new skincare line! Packed with everything the honeybee produces, including venom in the top of line products. This line from head to toe will help protect you and your family from COVID-19, environmental damage and works to correct various skin concerns such as sun damage, aging skin, acne, sensitive skin, eczema and more. We put the highest quality peptides, stem cells, nutrients, botanicals and bee products and left out the toxins!

Bee Beauty Secrets

Made in the USA

Every jar and bottle is proudly filled with American-made, grown, raised, sustainable, recyclable, products inside and out! Our lab, packaging and labeling are also all made in USA. All eco-certified environmentally safe companies.

Today's Natural Botox

Bee venom is today's natural Botox sensation! Packed with the ability to create collagen, draw nutrients and oxygen to the areas treated without using a needle or experiencing pain. (Yes there is a slight risk you may be allergic, but we can perform a safe skin test at the spa to see if you experience any type of reaction.)

Product Care

Regular Cleaning

Wipe your bottles and pump tops down with alcohol from time to time. This prevents bacteria from growing and damaging your product.

Store below 80º F

Natural products should be store at temperatures below 80º F. Warmer temperatures can cause the product to spoil before their 2-year shelf life is up. We do not use toxic parabens to extend product shelf life.

Refill and Recycle.

Your bottles are refillable and recyclable. Use regular dish soap and a cap full of bleach in a dish bin. Alcohol will remove sticky residue left behind if you remove your labels. Push the airless pump inside the jar back down. Allow to completely dry before refilling. We hope to have refillable packaging soon for more sustainable packaging purposes.

For more questions, training or suggestions, please contact us. We are happy to serve your needs.


Hope Goerner
Master Esthetician