Hope Goerner, URSKINSWORTHIT Founder & Master Esthetician

Nice to meet you!

I'm Hope Goerner, Master Esthetician, Apitherapy, Nephropathy Consultant and Formulator of Bee Beauty Secrets owner of Urskinsworthit Spa in DFW Mid-Cities, TX, Since 2010

I've been using this time closed over COVID-19 planning this battle against the virus, so you can protect and prevent all day! As an infectious disease nurse previous to owning my spa, I know first hand, how to, prepare and fight this battle! So I've been researching, working hard to come up with the perfect facial, skincare, wellness plan that is already getting excellent reviews by our clients involved in the study!

Why does Bee Beauty Secrets prevent viruses and bacteria? 

In each skincare bottle honey bee has worked to supply you with lots of care, honey we all know is antibacterial, propolis is the highest antibacterial ingredient in the industry today without being a man made harmful chemical. Made from the resin collected from trees, propolis is capable of killing all staph including MRSA even our strongest antibiotic is resistant to MRSA . Thieves essential oil in our Sanifect Body Line for the entire family contains honey, propolis and Thieves essential oil is to prevent and protect you from colds, flu, COVID, bacteria all day. Plus kill all these nasty things when you wash at the sink, take your shower, apply your moisturizer, imagine the peace of mind! 


I'm looking to re-open my spa Tuesday after labor day weekend, so get ready to try our new Bee Beauty Secrets and our new technologies for you and your needs.

Also available are Zoom online DIY Facials at home training, consultations and skin analysis. Prescribed products will also be available and highly recommended these days! I thank you for your patience and can't wait to serve you safely!

Urskinsworthit, Love The Skin You're In!

~ Hope Goerner

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