What is Bee Venom Collection?

What is Bee Venom Collection?

Are wondering about the process of bee venom collection? How does it work? And does it hurt the honey bees?

Collecting Bee Venom

Pictured here is my Whisperer Venom Collector. It works on 2 AA batteries. Using an electric mild shock the bees walk on the device 45 mins and excrete venom onto a piece of glass. The bee venom crystallizes and is scraped off with a razor. No harm to the little guys! I do this for my own Apitherapy injection treatments I give myself for my back injury.  

Quality Honeybee Venom

Bee Venom will make the most amazing corrective skincare you ever tried! Which takes the Venom Collector about 10 times per gram of venom. That's why organic honeybee venom of good quality can be purchased from $200-$300 per gram. For our skincare, I purchase pharmaceutical quality Melittin Bee Venom Powder 96% Pure. Not only do we use the highest quality Venom from American Suppliers, but we also don't leave out the peptides, plant stem cells and other key nutrients found only in your top of the line products. 

Is it worth it?

Yes, bee venom can help solve eczema, acne, pigment damage, fine lines, and wrinkles. Within 10-12 weeks you should see a significant change in the skin. On top of this, our Bee Beauty Secrets skincare products are 100% made in the USA, are packed with the highest quality peptides and stem cells, nutrients, botanicals, and zero toxic chemicals.

We have12 active studies going on at all times with reviews that are astonishing. Urskinsworthit has been formulating products at top labs in the USA since 2010. 

Substanible Non-Toxic Products

We only use eco-certified, fermented, botanical preservatives. We use Zero Parabens, Bleaching Ingredients, Harmful Acne Ingredients, formaldehyde, Artificial Colors. We do our best to offer recyclable packaging and supply you with how to clean and reuse your plastics to benefit our environment.  Our labs and packaging companies use sustainable energy wind and solar. 

We are anxious to serve you as soon as it is safe. Until then we thank you for your support and will be available soon.

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